This 4-Move Workout Works Your Whole Body

Now that the weather is (hopefully) warming up in your neck of the woods, the concept of exercising outdoors is finally appealing again. For your next outdoor workout, consider a four-part circuit that trainer Erin Oprea recently posted on Instagram.

On Monday, the Nashville-based author of The 4×4 Diet shared an Instagram video of her demoing a series of exercises that can easily be performed al fresco—all you need is your bodyweight and an elevated step. Of course, you can also perform this circuit inside, too.

“This workout can be done ANYWHERE and if you focus on perfect form it will work your whole body!” Oprea writes in the caption.

You can check out the moves yourself, via @erinoprea, here:

As for the inspiration for this circuit, Oprea tells SELF she was at the pool and wanted to sneak in a little movement before grabbing lunch. “If your goal is for something short, quick, yet effective, [this circuit is] great,” she says.

Why this circuit makes a great workout

In terms of strengthening benefits, the circuit, as a whole, “pretty much hits the whole body,” says Oprea. There are four different moves and they each involve a slightly different combination of muscles and/or muscle groups. The sit-ups work essentially your entire core; the decline push-ups work your chest, triceps, back, shoulders, glutes, quads, and core; the plank twists really work your obliques, plus your glutes, legs, shoulders, and back; and the Bulgarian split squats are “killer on the legs” as well as the glutes and core, says Oprea. In other words, if you do all four moves back-to-back as this circuit suggests, you’ll engage nearly every big muscle group in your body.

On top of that, a few of these moves (like the Bulgarian split squats and even the push-ups) will likely get your heart rate up, says Oprea. Translation: The circuit ends up being a sneaky cardio workout, too.

Another notable perk of this workout is that all of the moves can be easily progressed or regressed. The circuit, as Oprea demos it, is moderately challenging, she says. But with simple tweaks, you can make it easier or harder depending on your fitness level and goals.

How to do the circuit

For a full workout, do the following circuit four times through, resting about 1 minute (or less) in between each round. The less rest you take in between each round, the more of a cardio challenge the workout will be.


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